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US Dept. of Defense
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Homeland Associates, Inc. provides high-grade products and services to the Military, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Emergency Responders, Hospitals, Federal, State, Municipal governmental bodies and the Aviation Industry. All of these products easily crossover from everyday needs to crisis-response situations.


The New Safe Escape Smoke Hood / Smoke Mask is guaranteed to give you 30 minutes of breathable air whether it's smoke in the cockpit or a fire in your office, hotel, or home.


Thermo Protective Garment

The TPG provides a truly remarkable level of protection from heat and flame, increasing the probability of escape from a conflagration/high heat event.


Thermo Protection Unit

The TPU knocks down fire without
leaving a messy cleanup.



Ready Dog excels at meeting the needs of high performance dogs including field dogs, competitive sport dogs, search and rescue, and law enforcement dogs.


E3™ Pack

(Evacuate, Egress and
Escape Pack)

Products include chemical and biological agent identifiers, Category IV disinfectants / decontaminants, military-grade infrared products for deployment / retrieval signaling and marking, temporary landing zones, night vision compatible lighting, SAR lighting applications, high visibility safety and signaling equipment, combat gear / accessories, various general flashlights, deployment / storage cases, fire blocking gel and QuikClot coagulation accelerator.

Homeland Associates, Inc. distributes Temp-Coat, an insulator, anti-condensation and firewall used in naval ships and for many other applications. For aviation, we supply aviation cleaning products, BCI potable water sanitizing agents and equipment, Elixair sealant and adhesive removers, EnviroTech Ensolve Rapid Dry solvent, Turco turbine and compressor wash fluids, and Hammond's revolutionary diesel, electric or hybrid omni-directional ground support equipment.

As a service for Corporate America, Homeland Associates is the national sales entity for InterSearch Investigation and Background Information Services. From pre-employment background checks to ongoing drug and medical screening services, our information helps companies hire quality employees and retain them with confidence. Online ordering systems and other delivery options bring reports to you rapidly. Arrangements for drug screening at nationwide local area facilities are available at a discounted rate.

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Registered Contractor for the US Dept. of Defense
DLA Cage Code: 3UQW2

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